• HexiCrete™ Concrete Additives

    Pervious Concrete Additives


    HexiCrete™ pervious concrete (PC) 550 is a proprietary admixture that enhances the bond between the cement paste and aggregate, increasing compressive strength while optimizing the void structure for quick drainage.


    HexiCrete PC 550's unique properties allow for better distribution and flow of the cement paste around the aggregate, less water content sensitivity, better workability, and fewer surface flaws such as premature raveling. Integrating this additive into pervious concrete mix designs will also help you achieve density with less compactive screed effort.


    When combined with HexiCrete curing compounds, HexiCrete PC 550 saves time and labor by eliminating the need for plastic sheeting. The result? Higher quality concrete at lower installation costs.


    To find out more about HexiCrete pervious concrete additives, see the PC 550 Pervious Concrete Additive product sheet.